Monday, July 8, 2013

Eating Through June (Monthly Menu)

We did fairly well sticking with our menu...UNTIL the last week. We were preparing for our family vacation and got a little lax.  And we just finished up said vacation which is why I haven't been posting. :)

Week of June 3
Sunday: Calzones (new recipe, it was a hit!)
Monday:  Amish chicken, bowtie pasta, carrots/Ranch, and butter dip biscuits
Tuesday: I don't remember...I think we just ate on our own.
Wednesday:  Out for dinner (celebrating a birthday!)
Thursday:   OYO (On your own night)
Friday:  Bacon wrapped shrimp, potatoes in white sauce, bread
Saturday:  Burrito casserole, chips and guacamole

Week of June 10
Monday:  OYO
Lunch:  Mostaccioli, Caeser salad, "killer" garlic bread (new recipe), peanut butter/chocolate chip blondies (new recipe, I need to share!)
Tuesday:  Breakfast Burritos (tortillas, bacon, ham, eggs, hashbrown potatoes, cheese), fruit
Wednesday:  Butter Cream Chicken, Angel hair Pasta, carrots/Ranch, rolls 
Thursday:   Out for Hubby’s birthday, chocolate pound cake for dessert
Friday:  Korean Beef, basmati rice, bread, carrots
Saturday:  Key West Chicken and Shrimp, cheese bread, almond rice pilaf, cole slaw, birthday cake (need to share the recipe) with buttercream frosting

Week of June 17
Sunday: Pizza (out)
Monday:  OYO
Tuesday:  Pork Chops (new recipe), black eye peas, fingerling potatoes, Texas Roadhouse rolls
Wednesday:  Ham/Cheese Sandwiches, chips
Thursday:   Leftovers
Friday:  Shakes/Popcorn
Saturday: Mostaccioli, "killer garlic bread", carrots/Ranch

Week of June 24
Sunday:  Pizza (Homemade), white cheese and pepperoni/Canadian bacon
Monday:  Crockpot Chicken/Potatoes, carrots/Ranch, Rhodes white bread
Tuesday:  Grilled hamburgers, fries (just frozen this time)
Wednesday:  Sushi date night with the Hubs
Thursday:   Eating at a friend's house
Friday: Vacation!
Saturday: Vacation!

So that pretty much sums up our about you? Any new recipes or family favorites to share?


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