Sunday, June 17, 2012

Menu Time...

I have one recipe from last week that I still need to share.

But first things first.

I have to share my weekly menu.

Not sure anyone really cares but it is good for me.  Keeps me on task.

And Lord knows, with this crew, I need to be on task.

Oh, quick review...I think I actually stuck with the menu for last week!  Woohoo!

Anyway, here is the proposed menu for the coming week.

It is a different kind of week here, with two headed for the College World Series (as fans, not players), one headed to church camp, and two others in day camps.  It is my one truly crazy week of the summer.

But we still must eat, whether it is two of us or six.

Or in tonight's case...nine.

Saturday:  Shrimp boil (grilled), salad, asagio garlic bread

Sunday:  flank steak (grilled), Oriental salad, black eye peas, hashbrown potatoes, rolls, and chocolate pound cake (with ice cream) for dessert.  We are celebrating Father's Day with my parents and grandmother.  The cake is a belated birthday cake for my now 40 year old husband.

Monday:  Ham/Cheese sliders, sweet potato chips

Tuesday:  Chick Fil A (request of the birthday girl...yes, this makes three birthdays in our family for the month of June)

Wednesday: Butter beef over egg noodles (new recipe), garlic bread, carrots and Ranch

Thursday: Grilled chicken tenderloins (new recipe), potatoes (haven't decided what kind yet), rolls

Friday: Braided spaghetti bread, Caesar salad

Saturday:  Hamburgers (grilled), oven fries, homemade ice cream

I think that about covers it, though you never know.  Things are always subject to change around here...

So, what is for dinner at your house this week?


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  1. It just cannot be Thursday already....
    Sunday and Monday: In Little Rock
    Tuesday: A different salad involving peaches and feta and other yumminess
    Wednesday: Mostly homemade pizza
    Thursday: Stir fry
    Friday: Veggie burritos
    Saturday: Oliveto (I hope)

    Have a great rest of the week! :)


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