Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sweet Potato Chips

The potatoes, sliced and ready to bake
The end result before I ate them up. All of them. :)

Yes, this is the recipe. The recipe I was attempting a couple of weeks ago when I sliced my thumb on the mandolin I was trying for the first time.

And while I was upset I was hurt, I was even more upset that I had to throw out the sweet potato slices I had cut.

I wanted these chips.

I REALLY wanted them.

They just appealed to all of my senses.

The funny thing is I didn't give sweet potatoes the time of day until the past few years.

And even now, I love sweet potato fries or chips. But I don't want anything sweet with them. I want them salty.

So this recipe (found on Pinterest) was PERFECT for me.

But first I had to buy myself a little safety net.
I started with just one sweet potato to make sure I liked them.

I did.

I now have about three more to cut and cook this week.

EASY recipe and yummy. Well, if you like salty sweet potatoes. :)

Sweet potatoes, thinly sliced (I used my mandolin)
peppercorn (freshly ground)
olive oil (I just used an oil mister)

Slice the sweet potatoes

Spread out on a cookie sheet. I think the original recipe suggested a silicone baking mat. I didn't have that. AND I was out of parchment paper which would have been my next choice. So I used aluminum foil.

Spritz with olive oil.

Season liberally with sea salt (freshly ground) and peppercorn (freshly ground).

Bake for 15 minutes at 400 degrees.

Take out and flip. Spritz and season the other side of the chips.

Then bake for another 13 minutes.

Turn off the oven and leave to crisp up.

I didn't follow the time exactly...I got nervous that they would burn. So I turned the oven off a few minutes early.

Mine didn't completely crisp up.

But that didn't stop me from eating all of them.


Oh, a friend suggested sprinkling with Parmesan cheese...I imagine that would be pretty tasty too!


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