Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Butter Beef

Yes, another Pinterest recipe.  Or at least I saw the picture on Pinterest then followed the link to the recipe.

It looked yummy.  It uses fairly inexpensive ingredients.  And it is a crockpot meal.

I knew I had to try it.

So last week, mid-morning, I put my ingredients in the crockpot.

I left the house for a while.

When I came back, I could smell it cooking.  It smelled good.

My stomach was growling.

And then I had to wait a few more hours to actually eat it.

I really liked it.  My oldest child did too. The two younger kids ate it okay.  And hubby liked it but I don't think he loved it.

That is okay.

I will make it again.

The one difference is that I may try it with mashed potatoes or rice next time.  My husband is not a big egg noodle fan.

Other than that, I will likely make it the same way.

I did change the recipe a little from the original after reading some comments/suggestions.

But even adding a couple of things, it was a very simple recipe.

2-3 lbs stew meat (cubed...I just buy it that way...it is fairly inexpensive)
1 envelope dry onion soup mix
1 stick of butter (I HIGHLY recommend using unsalted because this is a fairly salty food)
1 jar sliced mushrooms (totally optional...I just like mushrooms)
about 1/2 cup red cooking wine

Place the beef and stick of butter in the crockpot.

Sprinkle the onion soup mix on top of the beef. 

Add the mushrooms and red cooking wine.

 Cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4-5. 

Stir occasionally.

I did add a little cornstarch at the end just to thicken up the gravy a bit.

I really liked it.  It is obviously not the healthiest meal (stick of butter) but I have made others that were even worse (healthy wise...not flavor wise).  I will definitely be using this recipe during the school year when I need a meal ready for me at the end of a crazy day!



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