Sunday, June 10, 2012

Meals and Menus...

Some weeks the menu just comes together for me with ease. Other weeks, like this one, I have a few meals in mind but have trouble filling in the gaps.  At one point, I was stretched out across the bed, perusing different recipes on the computer.  Hubby came in (I think he was escaping from the kids :) and even assisted me by brainstorming some things that sounded good to him.  It was kind of nice collaborating together on that...that is a treat!

Anyway, here is the proposed menu.  But I am not sure how set in stone it is. :)

Saturday:  The Girls' Birthday was at the ballpark. So we ate popcorn and hot dogs.  What else do you eat at a ballgame? :)  I did make one thing...their birthday cake with buttercream frosting.  Oh, how I love me some buttercream frosting.  Too much I think...

Sunday:  Grilled pork tenderloin (we buy the preseasoned when they are on sale...tonight we had a 3 cheese Italian and a Southwest Peppercorn tenderloin),  fingerling potatoes, black eye peas, and dinner rolls

Monday:  Breakfast- pumpkin muffins, Dinner- homemade pizza

Tuesday:  Chile Colorado burritos (new recipe), chips/salsa

Wednesday:  OYO due to some family activities (though I will possibly be making a dessert for a special someone's happy birthday...)

Thursday:  dinner out (belated MILESTONE birthday celebration for a special hubby :)

Friday:  Butter cream chicken (which I made once before but for some reason never blogged about...hubby requested this one again), brown rice, carrots/Ranch, cheese filled breadsticks

Saturday:  Breakfast- donuts, Dinner-Grilled Shrimp Boil Kabobs, salad, bread of some sort...

So...what is for dinner at your house this week?

PS I pretty much stuck with last week's menu with the exception that we unexpectedly had overnight coffee cake rather than pumpkin muffins one morning.  And Friday night for dinner, we went the easy route and had shakes and popcorn for a family movie night at home. :)


  1. Finally back from Little Rock and all family members are home from the hospital and doing well. :)

    Sunday: Came home to Jim making his favorite casserole for us, served with a green bean/ red pepper/ sunflower seed side dish.

    Monday: Leftover casserole with fresh peas this time.

    Tuesday: Veggie stir fry with brown rice.

    Wednesday: Leftover stir fry.

    Thursday: Salad with couscous

    Friday: Mostly homemade pizza

    Saturday: Panini

  2. And Happy Milestone Birthday to the birthday boy!


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