Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mid-Week Menu...Again

We are trucking along over here.  Slowly but surely. 

But even in the midst of the chaos, and there seems to be plenty of that :), I am cooking much of the time.  Even when I know my family would rather just run through a drive thru somewhere (though they never complain when they eat what I made).

So I am going to be dutiful and share the menu for the week even though, once again, the week is half over.

Saturday:  Shakes and Popcorn.  Like REAL popcorn. With oil and everything. It was oh so good.  And we just did homemade shakes. My daughter made mine...she used vanilla ice cream, milk, some organic chocolate syrup, and a little spoonful of PB2.  It was one of the best shakes I have ever had.

Sunday:  Homemade pizza (one meat, one "white" cheese) with herbed crust.  I also tried a new "sauce"; I will have to share that soon.

Monday:  Garlicky shrimp, angel hair pasta, garlic asagio bread, carrots

Tuesday;  Eggs and cheese, banana nut muffins (recipe coming soon...yum), and bacon (and a strawberry smoothie for me :)

Wednesday:  On your own night

Thursday:  Steak, potatoes, garlic bread, black eye peas (maybe?)

Friday:  Football!

Saturday:  I really have not thought that far ahead. I am trying to make it through the week :)

What is for dinner at your house this week?


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  1. Where did you get your PB2? I have wanted to try some since I love peanut butter. Is it good?


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