Sunday, October 21, 2012

Skillet Steak

 (The yellow looking stuff is just the fat...not sure why it photographed like that)
A steak with a half potato

I wish I had gotten better pictures. But honestly, I was so hungry at this point, I just snapped a couple then chowed down.

I really wanted steaks...have been in the mood for a while. And I had some in my freezer just waiting for me.  But it was cold, and I knew time would be limited.  So no grilling.  What to do? Use my cast iron skillet of course!

I have made steak in the skillet before with success and wanted to do it again. 

But I wasn't using filet mignon this time, I was going to use rib-eye (from our half a cow) instead. 

So I decided to do a quick Internet search about how to cook rib-eye on the stove.

Lots of recipes out there.

I wanted simple.

So I just a little bit here, a little bit there, and then went from there.

I am glad I did.

I got just what I wanted. A juicy steak with just the right touch of flavor.

These are very general directions because I didn't really measure anything. 

Rib-eyes (we had 6 :)
Sea Salt
Peppercorns (in a grinder)

A few hours before cooking, Cover the rib-eyes with coarsely ground sea salt.  Place in a covered dish or in a gallon ziplock and refrigerate.

About thirty minutes prior to cooking, remove the rib-eyes and rinse off.  Set out on the counter...well, not directly on the counter but on something.   (I placed them on waxed paper, then covered them with more waxed paper which is much cheaper than aluminum foil is right now).

Preheat the oven to 400+.  Most things I read said to preheat to 500 if possible. However, I had potatoes cooking, so that was out for me. I kept mine at 400-425 the whole time.

Place skillet(s) in the oven to preheat.

Meanwhile, sprinkle freshly ground peppercorns and sea salt (but not coarse) over the steaks.

Right before cooking, remove skillet(s) from the oven and place on a hot burner.  Don't forget those oven mitts or you will burn your hand. :)

I did spray mine with just a basic cooking spray.

Place steaks in the skillet(s).  I actually turned mine over on the side where a little fat was and cooked it first, then I put the whole thing in.

Let the steak cook for about 2 minutes over medium high heat.  Warning:  It will smoke up a lot but I never set off any alarms. :)

After about 2 minutes, flip the steaks over and do the same.

Because my steaks were a little thicker, I also held them with tongs on the sides for just a bit to brown those.

Then immediately return the skillets to the oven.

This is the very nonspecific part.  Cook for a few minutes on each side in the oven.  How long depends on the size of your steak, how hot your oven is, and how you want your steak done.  I didn't time mine. I do know that the ones in the cast iron skillet cooked faster than the ones in a regular oven-safe skillet.

You do want to pull them out when they are ALMOST to the point you want them.  (By the way, you can google appropriate temperatures)  The steaks will continue to cook in the skillet for a bit.

Oh, and right before you pull them out, put a slice of butter (I used unsalted) on top of each steak.  Yum.

Let the steak rest for about 10 minutes before slicing.

Like I said, simple but yummy.

Obviously not something we can eat regularly (though I would love to), but a special treat in the middle of the week. :)


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