Saturday, April 21, 2012

The. Menu. Just Ask the Wall.

I was inspired by my daily visits to Pinterest.

I have a beautiful sign that says "I love you because..." that I framed for my husband for Christmas. I use a dry erase marker and change the answer every 2-3 days.

Then I saw something on Pinterest that made me think, "We need to do that for the weekly menu." I usually just scribbled it on the dry erase board hanging on the side of the fridge. So that was my project today (instead of say, filing paperwork, grading papers, etc...).

It isn't perfect, but I really like it. It is already filled out and hanging on the wall in the kitchen.

Now when my kids ask, "What is for dinner?" which I get about 10 times a day (and yes, we only have four kids), I will just point. Okay, I might help the youngest out with the answer since he isn't quite reading to that extend. But I guess if he really wants to know, he will polish those phonics skills. :)

I have a recipe for Salisbury Steak to share but I think the picture is on my camera which is in another room.

And after the picture project, I am much too tired to go get it.

So I will do the menu thing today. And the recipe thing tomorrow. :)

Here goes. Always subject to change.

Saturday: Grilled sirloin (marinated all day), hashbrown potatoes, cheese filled breadsticks, black eye peas, spinach/strawberry salad

Sunday: Poppy seed chicken, wild rice, carrots and Ranch, crescent rolls

Monday: Baked Frito Pie

Tuesday: Ham/cheese sandwiches, chips

Wednesday: On Your Own Night (I will probably have pizza grilled cheese...I can't get enough pepperoni these days :)

Thursday: Sausage and Potatoes (new recipe), salad, rolls

Friday: Sweet and Sour Chicken, Sesame Noodles (new recipe)

Saturday: Hamburgers and French Fries, maybe shakes, and if I am feeling very ambitious, I want to try to make my own hamburger buns :)

So that is the plan. For today. However, it is always subject to change, especially if I think too much about pizza.

What are you having this next week?


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  1. Love your menu board!
    Jim is on his own for part of the week due to our seventh grade class trip.
    Sunday: Pasta with arrabiata sauce, garlic bread
    Monday: Leftover pasta
    Tuesday: Rice noodles for me (an addiction Jim does not share); Jim has a board meeting whence dinner is served.
    Wednesday: Stir fry
    Thursday onward: Jim is on his own, I am on the class trip. :)


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