Monday, April 9, 2012

My Manic Menu

Crazy week.

It is only Monday, and it is a crazy week.

And it won't get any better.

At least until maybe Sunday.

Anyway, here is a possible menu which is always subject to change especially when it is a crazy week.

Breakfast- Overnight Coffee Cake
Dinner- Ham, black eye peas, Rhodes Texas rolls (YUM), 7 layer salad, Manchego mashed potatoes
Dessert- chocolate covered strawberries

Monday: Leftover ham and the fixings

Tuesday: Pepperoni Bread (new recipe), chips

Wednesday: Meatballs and gravy over white rice, carrots and Ranch, rolls of some sort (to be determined :)

Thursday: On Your Own night

Friday: Asian Pork with Mushrooms w/rice (new recipe), veggies and dip

Saturday: Child 4's birthday celebration! Braided spaghetti bread, sweet and sour salad, and of course, for dessert...birthday cake with buttercream frosting!

That is about how far into the future I can see right now. :)

What is for dinner at your house this week?


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  1. I think I looked for this on Sunday, and forgot to look again until just now. So this week, we ended up having...

    Sunday- Tuesday: Soup and more soup. We were both sick.
    Wednesday: Salad
    Thursday: Pizza
    Friday: Stir-fry (kale and snow peas and friends)
    Saturday: A "chicken", white bean, sun-dried tomato, and fresh rosemary concoction with baguette. I replace chicken with the Quorn version of chicken tenders (soy-free vegetarians everywhere thank you, Quorn products). Served with garlic snap beans.


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