Saturday, October 29, 2011

This Week's Menu (maybe)

Well, last week's menu and reality look nothing like. Nothing. I ended up having a stomach bug or something on our anniversary (which was actually Wednesday not Tuesday like I think I put last week), so there was no cooking that day! And then Thursday I thought I would go for a "comfort" food since I was feeling better. Then my sweet love looked at me and asked on a whim, "Do you think we could have soup tonight?" I guess the temps in the 40's get him in soup mode. Since he rarely requests foods, I had to at least attempt to meet his request. So chicken enchilada soup it was. And that ended up changing my plans last night since I had chicken dip on the menu. We had popcorn and shakes instead. See. I do try. But sometimes things go awry.

So here is the first possible menu for this next week. Always subject to change. :)

Saturday: fall pork tenderloin (crockpot), fingerling potatoes, black eye peas, rolls
Sunday: chili (cooked by someone else, even better :), pumpkin cake for dessert (recipe coming)
Monday: on your own
Tuesday: pancakes and bacon, fruit smoothies
Wednesday: parmigiano panko herb encrusted chicken (Pinterest)
Thursday: slow cooker jambalaya (Pinterest recipe)
Friday: pizza (not from home :)
Saturday: crockpot tostadas, salsa and chips

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