Monday, June 13, 2011


We love Taco Night at our house which is actually a pretty quick meal. But sometimes we want something a little different. Because we have swimming lessons, basketball camp, and other activities this week, I knew I needed something easy but filling. Even better, something I could make ahead of time. So...

instead of Taco Night, we had Tostada Night.

This recipe comes from my sister. She made it for us once when we visited her. I was hooked. Hunter eats this up...not sure he really realizes that it has beans in it. I figure the beans make it somewhat healthy, right? Lots of fiber?

Anyway, here is the recipe.

1 lb ground beef, browned (I usually use closer to 2 just because there are so many of us)
2 cans refried beans (I do use the fat free)
1 envelope dry taco seasoning mix
8 oz can tomato sauce (I just used a regular 15 oz can)
1/2 cup water (I actually doubled it because it was going to be in the crockpot for a while)
Tostada shells
Favorite toppings (cheese, sour cream, onions, black olives, tomato, avocado, lettuce, etc)

Combine the ground beef, refried beans, taco seasoning mix, tomato sauce, and water in the slow cooker. Of course, I used my favorite slow cooker liners. Keep hoping they will see me plugging them and send me some free ones. :)

Cover. Cook on low for 6 hours. You can also do it on medium for less time.

Crisp the tostada shells in the oven.

Spread hot mixture on the tostada shells. Top with favorite toppings. We had sour cream, salsa, Mexican cheese, avocado (okay, I am the only one who eats it but I love them), and lettuce, with some chips on the side.


This is the meat/bean mixture right out of the crockpot...

Here is my tostada. That is salsa on top. No, that isn't a product placement for Mountain Dew. It just happens to go REALLY well with tostada. That and it had been a very long day. I needed my caffeine.

One last view...

Happy cooking!


  1. Now I can't wait to fix them while you're here! We haven't had them in a while! Yum!

  2. This looks sooo good! We loved having you join us at "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." We hope you'll be back next week! -The Sisters


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