Saturday, September 7, 2013

Menus Galore

I am SOOO behind on my menus. How did that happen? 


End of summer, beginning of school. 

That explains a lot.

I don't know if anyone really cares if I post a menu.  Or even a recipe.

I will share anyway. :)

Here are the menus for July/August:

Week of July 7
Sunday: Korean Beef, basmati rice
Tuesday: Potato Casserole, Bacon, Toast
Wednesday:  OYO
Thursday:   Ham and Cheese Sandwiches, chips
Friday:  Pizza Rolls
Saturday:  Pork Chops/Potatoes

Week of July 14
Monday:  Waffles, Bacon
Wednesday: pizza/out
Thursday:   Fried Chicken, shoestring fries, buttermilk biscuits (canned)
Friday:  OYO (On your own)
Saturday:  grill/cook out (with friends)

Week of July 21
Sunday: grill/cook out (with friends...yes, again)
Monday:  Swai/angel hair pasta, "beer" bread (I used Sprite instead :)
Tuesday:  OYO (baseball game)
Wednesday:  Chicken Chimichangas, chips
Thursday:  Popcorn/Shakes
Saturday: Homemade pizza

Week of July 28
Sunday:  Grilled Steaks, baked potatoes, parker houserolls
Monday: OYO
Tuesday:  Chicken/dumplins
Wednesday:  Spaghetti Bread
Thursday:  Pancakes/bacon
Friday:  Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes
Saturday: Teriyaki Chicken, Rice

Week of August 4
Monday: Mellow Mushroom pizza
Tuesday:  OYO
Thursday: Pork chops, potatoes
Friday:  Spaghetti

Week of August 11
Sunday: Taco Pie
Monday: Breakfast burritos
Tuesday:  Hawaiian chicken, rice,
Wednesday: Pork Chops/potatoes
Thursday:  OYO
Friday:  Out for pizza
Saturday: Hamburgers, fries

Week of August 18
Sunday: Stuffed chicken shells, green beans
Monday: Swai, angel hair pasta, carrots/Ranch, rolls
Tuesday: Pancakes, bacon
Wednesday: OYO
Friday:  Shakes/Popcorn
Saturday: Marinated steak bites, Ranch potatoes, garlic bread toast, black eye peas

Week of August 25
Monday: Ham and cheese eggcups, toast, fruit
Tuesday: Hot Dog Dinner (from school)
Wednesday: OYO
Thursday:  Tacos, salsa, refried beans
Friday: Pizza (out)
Saturday: OYO

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  1. I am so looking forward to being able to have "OYO" nights. Not exactly responsible of me to try it now; the little kids might starve. :D


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