Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Month of Menus

How did I get behind posting the menus for a whole month?

I know your life has been incomplete just waiting for me to do so.

Don't let me disappoint. :)

Week of April 7
Monday:  Pancakes/bacon
Wednesday:  OYO (on your own)
Thursday:   Korean beef, honey rolls, carrots, basmati rice
Friday:  Pork chops in gravy with potatoes, carrots, leftover rolls (I am pretty sure we had something different since we ended up having this the next week but I can't remember what we did have...)
Saturday:  Popcorn/shaved ice (I don't think we really had that but I cannot remember what we had!)

Week of April 14
Sunday: Tacos, salsa, chips, refried beans
Wednesday:  OYO
Thursday:   Pepperoni rolls
Friday:  Swai, angel hair pasta, carrots, Rhodes loaf
Saturday:  Hot dogs/hamburgers, cole slaw, nachos, dessert- birthday cake with buttercream frosting...yum!

 Week of April 21

Monday:  Waffles, bacon
Tuesday: Fried rice ( with chicken, bacon, shrimp), cheese stuffed rolls
Wednesday:  OYO           
Thursday:   Roasted chicken, carrots/Ranch, Rhodes loaf, new potatoes with white sauce,
Friday:  OYO          
Saturday:  Pizza (herbed crust, one "meaty", one 4 cheese)

Week of April 28
Sunday:  Church lunch
Monday: OYO
Tuesday: Hamburger gravy over biscuits, hashbrowns, fruit
Wednesday:  Chicken spaghetti, cheese bread (new recipe), carrots/Ranch
Thursday:  Baked potato soup, French bread/dipping oil
Friday:  Shakes and Popcorn
Saturday:  Not sure yet. :)

I am sure you are breathing a sigh of relief now.  

I am.

I am caught up. :)


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