Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to School Menu

I am still behind on posting recipes.  I would like to think I would get caught up this week (because I KNOW you are on the edge of your seats waiting), but it is the first week of school. I will be doing good to stay up until 9 every night.

Because of that, I am sticking with some tried and true recipes this week.  It really is a miracle I am even cooking (or hoping to). In years past, this was a HUGE take out week for us.  But I am determined to try.

Sunday:  Bubble Up Enchiladas, carrots and snap peas with Ranch
Monday:  Poppy seed Chicken, wild rice, crescent rolls, dessert (new)
Tuesday:  Pizza Bread
Wednesday:  On Your Own
Thursday:  Pot Roast Pizzaiola, roasted baby bakers (Schwans), cheese stuffed breadsticks (Schwans)
Friday:  Mostaccioli, Caesar salad, garlic bread
Saturday:  Steak, hashbrown potatoes, black eye peas, Katie bread 

Tried and true. That is all I can do this week.

How about you?


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  1. Good for you for cooking this week!

    Sunday: Salad
    Monday: Veggie burritos
    Tuesday-Thursday: Jim is in DFW with his brother, I am clearing out things from the freezer. :)
    Friday: Football game night, so probably pizza.

    Have a great week!


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