Saturday, August 4, 2012

Da Menu...

Here is da menu for da week. :)

Saturday:  Pizza (using homemade pizza crust...I made the white cheese it!)
Sunday:  Quinoa with chicken (new recipe), salad, garlic bread
Monday:  Roast beef (crock pot- new recipe), potatoes romanoff, dinner rolls, carrots and Ranch
Tuesday:  On your own night
Wednesday:  Buttercream chicken, angel hair pasta, some kind of bread, salad
Thursday: Taco pasta (new recipe)
Friday:  Belated birthday dinner with my parents and sister/family
Saturday:  Grilled Swai (new recipe), basmati rice, carrots/Ranch, garlic knots

This week I had to make a few changes due to my birthday outing with hubby.  Also, we were craving pizza, so we had that tonight rather than later next week.

I still have a recipe or two to share but it won't be today.

I am slowly getting back into the grind...the school grind that is.

What are you having for dinner this week?


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  1. Can you tell it's a busy week? I've had grade-level welcome back meetings every night this week until 8-ish. Fortunately, Jim has had corresponding board meetings at which he has been fed. ;) Hoping to eat out tomorrow night. School starts on Monday for kids.


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