Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Week's Menu (A Bit Late)

I realize that not many people really care about the week's menu. Probably only about six...that would be members of my household. And one of those can't even read this yet.

But putting it on here helps me stay on task, even when I would much rather eat out. Which is nightly. (That I want to, not that I do)

So here it is, a bit late. I do have some recipes to share but it may be a few days. I am trying to finish up some Christmas projects.

Sunday: Lunch out, dinner on your own
Monday: On your own night (due to a child's performance right during our dinnertime)
Tuesday: Eggs and Cheese (one with ham, one without) and toast
Wednesday: Braided Spaghetti Bread (Pinterest)
Thursday: Chick Fil A (for a good cause)
Friday: I have no idea. I can't think that far ahead...

I know, very informative. :)


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