Friday, December 2, 2011

Pizza Snowballs

A couple weeks ago, my friend Megan mentioned making "Pizza Snowballs" with her girls for dinner. I sat there dazed and confused. I am on Pinterest and Facebook all of the time. How had I never heard of pizza snowballs? To add to my confusion, some of Megan's friends responded like they knew EXACTLY what she was talking about. Finally, I couldn't stand the unknown anymore. I put it out there. "What are those?" I asked. When she told me how easy and how good they were, I knew I wanted to try them.

So here I am a couple weeks later. And we aren't eating out. I am craving pizza. BAD. Really bad. I love pizza.

And it is Friday night.

We needed something simple. Something good. Something fun.

The pizza snowballs sounded like a good fit.

Unfortunately, Megan's explanation of them is lost in a sea of Facebook messages and updates. So I did what any red-blooded American would do. Googled it. :)

And I found this website.

It described exactly what my friend Megan had described. Perfect. :)

I also liked that it was "kid friendly". Child 3 has been on a "help in the kitchen" kick recently, so I thought this might be a fun activity. And it was. She was rather proud of her creation and reminded us several times at dinner that she was responsible for the yumminess. :)

So, if you have never heard of pizza snowballs (or maybe I was the only one), here is the recipe:

2 (or more) cans of biscuits (I didn't realize the website above had used Grands; I just got the four pack of country style biscuits...not nearly as big but I was able to make 24 and still have dough left over for very cheap)

cheese (I shredded a small block of both Mozzarella and 2% sharp cheddar)

pepperoni chopped up (I also did a few with Canadian Bacon chopped up)

cooking spray (I actually used cupcake/muffin liners because our muffin tins are in rough shape...I would definitely do that again. EASY clean up!)

1 jar pizza sauce (we used it for dipping)

Cut the biscuits into four pieces with kitchen scissors.

Take three or four pieces and add a heaping spoonful of the desired cheeses and/or meat. (I made one pan of pepperoni, and a half a pan of pepperoni and Canadian Bacon and a half a pan of just cheese with some Parmesan added)

What I did was give Child 3 a shallow bowl. I would add in all of the ingredients and have her work over it. At the same time, I did the same for myself so it wouldn't take quite so long.

Anyway, so you take these ingredients and squish all together just like Play-Dough. It was fun. You shape it into a "ball". Then drop it in the muffin pan (or in my case, muffin liner).

Bake at 350 for 15-17 minutes or until the snowballs are golden brown.

Serve warm.

As I said, we used pizza sauce for dipping. I love my ramekins...they are perfect for holding dipping sauces.


Hubby said it was as good (actually better) than the little individual pizzas we make.

The nice part is that I don't think it was very high in calories and fat.

The biscuits I used were small, and three biscuits (which was basically three pizza snowballs for us) was only 2 grams of fat. You really only use a couple of spoons full of cheese. And I used turkey pepperoni.

Which means I have no guilt about how many I ate. :)

Oh, hubby is campaigning to change the name. He is voting for "Pizza Dippers" which I ironically have a different recipe for but these are MUCH better.

I will be making them again. Well, Child 3 and I will. :)

PS I have several other recipes to share but this was fresh on my mind, so it came first...


  1. I wa svery intrigued when Megan posted this, too. My question is, since you are essentially using a whole biscuit for each, why cut them up? why not just save a step and keep them whole?

  2. LOL just seeing this while scrolling for the pizza sauce! I am glad you liked them!!

  3. LOL I am just seeing this while scrolling for the sauce recipe... again. I really need to put that in a safer place. I am glad that you liked them!


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