Wednesday, December 21, 2011

French Dip

I am not a big sandwich eater...especially if I go out for dinner. I mean, I can make sandwiches at home. But the one weakness I have is a good French Dip. But it is rare for me to get one. So when I saw a recipe for French Dip via Pinterest, I knew I had to work it into my menu.

Yesterday, I literally had about five minutes to get dinner going in the crockpot.

I am happy to say that it probably didn't even take five minutes.


My favorite kind!

3 1/2 lbs beef chuck roast (I only used about 2 1/2, that was the biggest I found)

16 oz. beef broth

1 can French Onion soup

6 oz red cooking wine

1 tsp garlic powder

salt and pepper to taste

4-6 French rolls (I couldn't find these, so I used hoagie type bread)

Provolone cheese

Trim excess fat off roast. Okay, I totally skipped that part. I didn't see much. And I was in a hurry.

Season with salt and pepper.

Place in crockpot.

Pour French Onion soup, red cooking wine, and beef broth over the meat. Add garlic powder.

Cook on low for 6-8 hours.

When the meat is cooked and tender, take it out and let it rest for 15 minutes.

Slice. For me, it was more like shredding.

Put back in the juices for about 30 minutes.

Take meat out. Pour juices into ramekins or custard cups.

Toast bread in the oven, a slice of Provolone on each one.

Add meat and enjoy.

It was good stuff. Reminded me of something my mom used to make.

Too bad the Man of the House wasn't here to give his opinion. In fact, the oldest child wasn't here either.

More for me. :)

I will definitely be making it again!


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