Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Couple of Menus

I really have been making an effort to post a little more on my blogs.  And for the most part I have been successful.  At least on a couple of blogs. I somehow got "behind" on this one.

I still don't know how I did that.

Anyway, here is my menu for this past week as well as my menu for next week.  Just to keep me accountable.

Sunday (6th)-Bacon wrapped tenderloin, fingerling potatoes, Rhodes rolls, black-eye peas

Monday (7th)- Sausage and potatoes, French bread

Tuesday (8th)- Scrambled Eggs, bacon, toast (from homemade bread), fruit

Wednesday (9th)- On Your Own

Thursday (10th)- Lasagna (new recipe), garlic/cheese bread twists (new recipe)

Friday (11th)- Eating Out!  It was our first time to eat out in over 3 months!  Such a treat!

Saturday (12th)-  Breakfast:  donut holes
Dinner- Pizza roll (new recipe) and chips

Sunday (13th)- Baked potato soup, crusty bread (new recipe)

Monday (14th)- Panko encrusted swai, rice, mini cheddar popovers (new recipe), carrots/Ranch

Tuesday (15th)- Leftovers

Wednesday (16th)- On Your Own

Thursday (17th)- Crescent burgers (new recipe), garlic and herb potato wedges (new recipe)

Friday (18th)- Chicken spaghetti, garlic bread

Saturday (19th)- Shakes and popcorn night

There will also be some cinnamon swirl bread in there.  Strawberry smoothies.  And possibly even some homemade chocolate donuts (new recipe).  You just never know what I may get a hankering for...

What are you having this week?  (You can take that for last week or next week...your choice :)


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