Saturday, January 26, 2013

The End of the Month Menu

I thought I would share our "end of the month" menu (this week and next week) as we finish up our January food challenge...

Sunday (the 20th):  Out of town

Monday (the 21st): On Your Own (coming back into town)

Tuesday (the 22nd):  Chicken and dumplins, green beans, homemade sandwich bread/butter

Wednesday (the 23rd):  Crescent burgers (new recipe), garlic and herb potato wedges (new recipe)

Thursday (the 24th): Panko-encrusted swai, wild rice, mini cheddar popovers (new recipe), carrots/Ranch

Friday (the 25th):  Sweet and sour chicken with fried rice...always a favorite around here!

Saturday (the 26th):  Shakes and Popcorn (the older kids were sad to miss that last week...)

Sunday (the 27th): Breakfast-  Crescent cinnamon buns
Dinner-  Roasted Ranch and Potatoes (new recipe), carrots

Monday (the 28th): Breakfast for dinner- Homemade waffles (new recipe) and bacon

Tuesday (the 29th): Beef Tips over noodles (new recipe)

Wednesday (the 30th): OYO (On Your Own)

Thursday (the 31st):  Taco Pasta Bake

I am sure there will be some cinnamon swirl bread in there is a regular around here!

You will notice several "new" recipes. That is because I am having to explore a bit with new recipes using ingredients I have. :)

I think I have 8 dollars for the rest of the month.  Or six. I am not sure. I am going to have to buy some milk and bananas, but I THINK we are going to make it. By the skin of our teeth.  The kids have complained a time or two wishing I had done just a bit more for the challenge but overall they have handled it all well.  Most of the time. :)

What are you having to eat this week?


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