Sunday, September 9, 2012

The M.E.N.U.

I am SOOO behind on sharing recipes. I haven't caught up on the grilling adventures and then today tried some new things.

All in due time.

Though I have fallen behind, I am looking ahead.  I have figured out our menu for the week and have already gone shopping.  I am ready for the week.  Or at least food wise. :)

Oh, and I stuck to my menu this past week.  Even on days I didn't feel like it. :)

Sunday:  Fried chicken nuggets (new recipe...yum!), waffle fries, rolls, chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Nope, nothing healthy there at all.  But it was really good. And thankfully we went on a hike and burned some extra calories.

Monday:  Mostaccioli, garlic bread, carrots/Ranch

Tuesday:  Skillet pork chops and fried potatoes (new), black eye peas, Rhodes dinner rolls

Wednesday:  On Your Own (church night)

Thursday:  French dip sandwiches, sweet potato fries

Friday:  Football fever!  (Home football game so probably eating popcorn and hot dogs :)

Saturday:  Not sure what yet but probably something grilled.  We will see what we are in the mood for by that night.

So, what is for dinner at your house this week?


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  1. Sunday: Stirfry
    Monday: Leftover Stirfry
    Tuesday-Sunday: Conway, moving Mom to another rehab.

    Yes, I feel bad about this. But I'm very impressed with your menu, and proud of you for sticking with eating at home and having a fun variety of dinners!


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