Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Peppermint Dream

Not a great picture, but we were so ready to eat these, I didn't feel like taking time to do more. :)

Child 2 is my sweet tooth child.  Or one of them anyway.

So when it was her turn to make dessert, she was more than excited.

She pulled out a calendar of recipes and zeroed in on this one.

It is not necessarily a specialty kind of recipe.

But that didn't stop us from eating them...

One pan of brownies prepared according to package directions (your choice...we had dark chocolate, my favorite)

One box of instant chocolate pudding, prepared

Peppermints (crushed)

Cool Whip

Layer in a glass/cup...

A brownie (or two)

Crushed peppermint

Large spoonful of pudding

Cool Whip

More crushed peppermint

Like I said, very basic. The "hardest" part is making the brownies ahead of time (and not eating them all before making this).

But nice for sweet tooths like me...


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