Sunday, November 6, 2011

This Week's Menu (Or So I Think)

Here is the week's menu. I have even done all the shopping through Saturday. Or at least I think I have. That is always subject to change too. :)

Sunday: Tostadas and Salsa. Yes, that was on the menu for last night but I hadn't thought about the Razorback game. My kids want to know where their tostadas are. So it is in the crockpot already, simmering away.
Monday: "Square" ham/cheese sandwiches, fruit, chips (Part of us have to be at a play tomorrow night, so I went the easy route)
Tuesday: Panko encrusted chicken breasts (a Pinterest recipe), Cheesy mashed potato bake, carrots/snap peas and Ranch, garlic bread (carried over from last week)
Wednesday: Baked Potato Soup, French Bread and olive oil
Thursday: On Your Own
Friday: Undecided. We have a couple events that night so I am not sure what we will do, where we will go, etc.

So, what is for dinner at your house?

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