Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Menu. Sort Of. Maybe.

It is kind of a strange week. It is my birthday week.  And I am guessing we will celebrate at some point but I have no idea when. Plus my dear hubby is heading out of town for a few days. And we are having some friends over.  So my menu is all over the place and just guesstimates. By Thursday, it may look totally different.  But it is a start.  Gotta have a plan...

Sunday:  Bacon Wrapped Shrimp (pushed back from last night), salad, asagio herb bread and dipping oil, potatoes in basic white sauce

Monday:  Ham sandwiches, chips

Tuesday:  Mostaccioli, Caesar salad, garlic bread, ice cream sundaes for dessert

Wednesday:  Take Out

Thursday: Not sure

Friday: Toasted Sesame Quinoa with Chicken (new recipe), roll, carrots and dressing

Saturday:  Marinated Beef Kabobs (new recipe), Potatoes Romanoff (new recipe), Katie bread, black eye peas

I still have some recipes to post from last week. But for tonight, it is late.  And I am tired.

So...what is for dinner at your house this week?



  1. Here's what we're having:
    Saturday - Pioneer Woman Drip Beef (kids liked it; John didn't - go figure)
    Sunday - we ended up going out after church :)
    Monday - chicken enchiladas, corn dip & fritos
    Tuesday - skillet sausage and potatoes
    Wednesday - pepperoni pasta

    In case we change our minds (or I decide to cook lunch), I also have the stuff to make homemade pizza and those ham/cheese sandwiches with Hawaiian rolls. That's as far as I planned. It's too hot to cook. I'm thinking we just all need to eat Popsicles for dinner.

  2. This week is really weird because Jim has a colonoscopy on Friday and has to follow a special diet until then. Meanwhile, I'm using up the oddities in the freezer and pantry. I like Carol's Popsicle idea. :)


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