Sunday, July 8, 2012

Getting Back in the Groove...Our Menu

We are back from the beach.

I am sad.

I love being at the beach.

And I do love eating seafood every night.

But at some point, I have to leave the beach. I have to get back to reality.

And here I am.

That being said, I did miss cooking.

Which is good.

Because eating out days are done (other than the occasional treat).

It is time to get back to reality.  And the kitchen.

On a happy note, my half of a cow is done and ready for pick up. I cannot wait to see exactly what I got!  It will make planning meals so much fun, I think!

Here is my tentative menu, always subject to change.

Sunday:  On Your Own (we got back just in time to throw together sandwiches and stuff for dinner with limited groceries)  I made myself a pizza grilled cheese.  Love that stuff.

Monday: Cheese Stuffed Chicken, Angel Hair, Garlic Bread, Carrots/Ranch

Tuesday: Sausage and Potatoes (Skillet), Salad, Bread

Wednesday:  Tacos, Chips and Salsa

Thursday: Crock Pot Roast/Gravy (new recipe), Cheesy Mashed Potatoes (new recipe), Rhodes Dinner Rolls, Carrots/Ranch

Friday: Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken, Fried Rice

Saturday:  Balsamic Flank Steak (new recipe), Hashbrown Potatoes, Blackeye Peas, Katie Bread

I am also probably making pumpkin muffins for breakfast one day. And I am sure there is a dessert in our future. Just not sure yet what. 

Now the menu is made.  Time to work on the grocery list...

What is for dinner at your house this week?



  1. I am looking forward to trying your butter beef this week :-) It looks really yummy. I am also making a poke cake--have you made those before? You cook the cake, poke holes in it, and pour jello over it and put it in the fridge. The new thing for me this time was using pudding mix and milk plus Cool Whip for the frosting--I used cheesecake pudding and it was awesome. I'll try to post the recipe on my blog this week :-)

  2. We are back from our vacation too, and I'm already trying to figure out which beach we are going to next year. :)It's so great to be able to use fresh summer veggies!

    This week's menu:

    Sunday: We ended up having Greek yogurt and fresh strawberries for dinner

    Monday: Avocado/ tomato/ lettuce sandwiches

    Tuesday: Salad

    Wednesday: Stir fry

    Thursday: Veggie quesadillas

    Not sure about Friday and Saturday due to a visitation and funeral. :(


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