Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Menu. Again.

Here is the menu for the week. We have been a little off schedule recently (with menu and shopping). I am ready to get back on track. Maybe next week. :)

Saturday (yesterday): Date night with the hubs. Kids were on their own. We enjoyed sushi at home by candlelight.

Sunday: Super Bowl Supper (at my parents). I will be sharing a recipe soon for some amazing white chili that my mom made. I didn't eat much of it tonight due to calories, but I will be making it soon (and saving as many calories as I can for it :)

Monday: Eggs and Cheese, Toast, maybe bacon if I ever go buy some.

Tuesday: Calzones (new recipe)

Wednesday: On Your Own night

Thursday: Cowboy Stew (new recipe)- Child 1's choice

Friday: Popcorn and Shakes

I haven't thought beyond that. It is kind of an odd week with some school stuff going on.

I would like to think next week will be more "routine" but it won't. It will be conference week...



  1. Wait... it's a new week already?

    Sunday- Super Bowl snacks
    Monday- Leftover Super Bowl snacks
    Tuesday- Southwestern veggie wraps
    Wednesday- Snowpea stirfry with brown rice, unless I go crazy with soba noodles
    Thursday- Salad
    Friday- Empanadas
    Saturday- Using a "free for your birthday" coupon from Oliveto (Italian place)
    Sunday- Really my birthday- Jim has made dinner plans. :)

  2. I love your Popcorn & Shakes night! We may have to do that sometime! I would love to see the recipe for the cowboy stew! Were having cowboy beans Thursday night!


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