Friday, May 6, 2011

Bag O' Popcorn

Tonight, Mark is with the youngest two at a ballgame. Lauren is at a school function. That leaves me with the oldest child. He asked if we could have a popcorn and movie night. I whipped up a strawberry smoothie for me; he wanted a strawberry banana smoothie so I just threw in a banana at the end for him.

Then the popcorn. I am not big on microwave popcorn. I just haven't found one that I love. Honestly my favorite (other than at the movie theater) is air popped. And I do have an air popper. But since it was just the two of us, I decided to do something a friend had suggested a while ago on Facebook. We have done this once but it has been a while. I would love to give credit for this but after doing a google search, there are SO many variations out there, I can't give credit to one.

This is what I can always google and find a lot more ways to do it (like using oil).

Take 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels.

Place in a brown lunch bag.

The original "recipe" says to fold the top down and staple it shut. I cannot bring myself to do this since it is going in the microwave. I tape it instead.

Cook for 1 minute 30 seconds, though time may vary according to microwave.
Voila! A "bag" of popcorn.

I melted a little butter and threw in some kosher salt. We then each had our own "bag" of popcorn.

The movie part didn't pan out for me. I tried to get him to go for The Outsiders, but he chose an old football game DVD instead...

Happy cooking!


  1. Good to know it can be done like that! I have a microwave popper that I love to use.

  2. now THAT is cool! I never knew you could do that! So trying it this week! :-)Megan

  3. I didn't know this..pretty cool I have to try this soon :)

  4. Thats the way we used to do it before microwave popcorn came out. :) your cuz.. Scott


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