Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our Christmas Punch

My family has this every year for Christmas, thus the name. (We actually use our family name in the title but I try to be somewhat private, believe it or not...) My mom has always made it, so I will give her credit. I did not make it this week but we had it at my niece's birthday party via my mom or my sister, so I had to snap a pic and add the recipe. It is a family favorite. Ans it tastes just as good if it is not Christmas...

1 12 oz. can frozen punch (Note: As of this week, there was none to be found in our grocery store's frozen section...I think they ended up using just a can of punch from the juice aisle)
1 12 oz can frozen lemonade concentrate
1 12 oz can frozen pineapple juice
6 12 oz cans water
2 liters 7 up

Mix all ingredients together in a punch bowl. Add an ice ring (which can be made using Tropical Punch Kool Aid).



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