Saturday, June 11, 2011

7 Layer Salad

I would love to say I made this recently, but honestly, I made it in March. I just never got around to blogging about it. It is a family favorite (as in from my side of the family); this recipe comes from my mom. It is one of my favorite salads; I love to eat the leftovers (if there are any) the next couple of days. By the way, there is nothing healthy about it which is probably why it is so tasty. :)

So, here are the layers. Use a big bowl.

Iceberg lettuce. I wish I could tell you an exact amount. I just buy a head, wash it, then tear it into little pieces. I fill probably half the bowl with the lettuce.

Celery. About 2 or 3 stalks washed then cut up into little pieces.

Green onions. Again, just cut into little pieces, enough to cover the celery.

Green peas. I use frozen petite and just pour a layer over the onions. The funny thing is I won't eat cooked peas but I will eat them in this salad frozen/cold...

Mayonnaise. That would be the unhealthy part but it is the best part of the salad. :) Use 1-2 cups and cover the salad.

Sugar. 1 teaspoon sprinkled over the mayo. The original recipe calls for a tablespoon, so use whatever you are comfortable with.

Cheese. I use the shredded cheddar cheese (2%).

Bacon. A few slices fried and diced. I think I cheated and used the microwave kind this last time but I prefer real bacon.

Cover and chill until ready to use.


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  1. I make this salad, but mine is even LESS healthy because I use diced boiled eggs INSTEAD of the celery! Love it. It's delicious!
    Jane (from Guatmamas on FB)


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