Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake

During Teacher Appreciation Week, a sweet parent and friend named Courtney (also a teacher in our district) brought a sweet dessert for the teacher's lounge. I usually try to not sample food in the lounge because of the whole trying not to gain weight thing. But this chocolate sensation just looked too irresistible. So I took a little bit. Then a bit more. And I was in love. It was like a brownie with pudding in the middle. We sat around the lounge trying to guess the ingredients.

I saw Courtney later and told her how wonderful it was. She then told me what was in it...things I never would have imagined. Yummy things. Fattening things. Things that make my heart go pitter patter.

I decided right then and there I would NOT make this unless there would be other people to partake of it.

Tonight finally came...our church life group. A perfect time to try it out. And it was eaten. But darn it, I have some laugh which doesn't bode well for my waist.

Anyway, here is the recipe. Thanks, Courtney!

Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake

For the Crust:
1 devils food cake mix
1 stick of butter- melted
1 egg

For the Filling:
1 8 oz cream cheese
1 small jar of Nutella
1 stick of butter- melted
3 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla
1 pound box powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 350. Blend cake mix, butter and egg together. Mixture should form thick dough. Press dough into bottom of greased 9x13 pan.

Using a mixer, blend cream cheese and Nutella until smooth. Blend in eggs, one at a time. Add butter and vanilla and mix until well blended. Gradually mix in powdered sugar, then pour filling into crust.

Bake for 40-45 minutes, center should remain gooey.


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  1. My mom said this was perhaps the best chocolate thing she had ever eaten...easy to believe when looking at the recipe! Sooo rich!!!


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