Sunday, March 3, 2013


Can you believe it is March???

February was a really busy month for cooking; I anticipate March will be too.  I have had a lot of fun trying new recipes and learning about what I can make ahead of time (and freeze).  I am also still working on eating on a budget.  We still need to work on it but we are getting there.

I have a yummy bread recipe to post from last night's dinner but I thought I would go ahead and post the menu for last week and this week (always a step behind where I should be...), so I will save the bread recipe for tomorrow. Looking at the last few posts, it looks like we only eat breads these days.  Not really, but it does look that way. :)

Menu for the week of February 24:
Sunday (24th)- Dinner date with the hubs!  (The kids had chicken nuggets with their grandparents :)
Monday (25th)- Chili with cheesy cornbread waffles (I need to post that recipe...YUM)
Tuesday (26th)- Teriyaki chicken over rice, carrots/ranch, yeast rolls
Wednesday (27th)- On Your Own Night
Thursday (28th)- Ham and Cheese "sliders" (made my own Hawaiian rolls this time!), chips, fruit
Friday (1st)- Pizza night (out)
Saturday (2nd)- Chicken-n-dumplins, cheesy bread (new recipe), salad

Menu for the week of March 3rd-
 Sunday (3rd)- Korean beef over rice, leftover rolls/bread, leftover salad
Monday (4th)-Panko encrusted Swai, angel hair pasta, cole slaw, "killer" garlic bread (new recipe)
Tuesday (5th)- French Dip (trying a new recipe), sweet potato fries (new recipe)
Wednesday (6th)- On Your Own night
Thursday (7th)- Chicken Parmesan (new recipe), pasta, breadsticks (new recipe), carrots/Ranch
Friday (8th)- Bubble Up Enchiladas
Saturday (9th)- Shakes and Popcorn/Movie Night

We also had homemade brownies, banana nut bread, homemade donuts (new recipe), and sandwiches for lunches on homemade bread.  We will probably be having some cinnamon swirl bread later this week for breakfast; I have a loaf frozen, ready to heat up. 

What is for dinner at your house?


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  1. Sounds yummy! I made a cheesy tomato chicken tortellini soup--posted the recipe on Facebook. I think I remember that maybe one of your kids can't eat tomato? Anyway, if that's not correct, it is really good and super fast too :-)


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