Friday, December 14, 2012

Menu Mania

Well, it is Friday and I am just now posting a menu for the week. Not that anyone was complaining :) But still, this helps ME remember what we had. 

Even in the Christmas craziness, we have been cooking and eating at home.  Mostly. :)

Sunday: Shakes and Popcorn/Movie night

Monday: Shrimp scampi (new recipe), angel hair pasta, French baguettes (new recipe), carrots and Ranch

Tuesday: Chili con carne (new recipe), chips, rice

Wednesday:  On Your Own night

Thursday: Grilled Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches (new recipe), fruit

Friday:  Seasoned chicken strips (new recipe),  french fries, one hour rolls (new recipe)

Saturday:  Christmas party

I have also been baking away for a bake sale (cinnamon swirl bread-new recipe...YUM!).

Throwing together some Ranch oyster crackers (Yum!).

And even attempting to make my own sauces and dips.

Lots of cooking going on here. 

 How about at your house? What is cooking these days?


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