Sunday, July 3, 2011

Creamy Chicken Dip

I was all ready to post a cake recipe for something I made tonight, but instead, I decided to go forth with the creamy chicken dip recipe. It is yummy stuff.

This recipe came from Ms. V, one of my co-workers. She made this toward the end of school, and I had to show self-control to NOT eat the whole bowl by myself. It was just yummy. Oh, when I asked her for the name, she said it was "no name". So I made one up. :)

This is all you need for this "dip".

3 packages of cream cheese
1 envelope Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix (the powdery stuff)
1 large can all white canned chicken

Here are the directions...ready for them?

DON'T drain the chicken.

Pour all of the ingredients in a bowl.

Mix thoroughly.

Serve with crackers or chips (I used Fritos tonight).

Yes, that is it.



Makes a lot.

And really good.

Or at least I think so!

(I am kind of thinking that spreading it on a tortilla and rolling it up to eat a "wrap" of sorts would be really yummy too...)

Happy cooking!

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